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 Some easy rules to read and follow

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PostSubject: Some easy rules to read and follow   Mon 14 Jan - 12:58


here are the rules to follow on this forum! Not that we wanna play the bad ones or so, but some lines have to be respected and if not, the person is going to be warned and / or banned...

Thank you for your understanding.


1) Be polite and friendly. Being rude towards any other member will have as consequence the message to be deleted or getting a ban.

2) We are ready to help you out if you have any question, but no need to harrass the team with questions non related to the forum. Those messages won't be answered.

3) If you have some suggestions or ideas you wanna talk about, don't hesitate to tell us more about them , we'll see what we can do to improve the forum!

4) All new members have to drop some lines to say who they are in the "Members" thread. It's always nice to get to know each other!

5) Posting copy righted-texts or images is prohibited, except if the source and / or credits are notified.

6) If you register on this forum, please post! Registration with the aim of promoting ONLY your own blog or site will be cancelled.

7) Non posting members will be deleted after a while without any notification. Keep the forum alive, it's better for everybody!

8] Posting in a wrong thread is ok once or twice, but pay attention where you post your topic. If posted in a wrong part of the forum, we'll move the topic or delete it.

9) Always give the credits to whom it's due. If you take some pictures or texts on other websites , please mention your source.

10) It' s a matter of fact that ANY BAD WORDS / DISCRIMINATION / CRITICS against one of the boys, their family members or friends will be deleted and cause the author to be banned. Please respect the guys and their private life!

12) Promoting via Private Message is prohibited.

13) And of course harrassing other members via Private Message is prohibited as well! RESPECT each other!

14) When you reply to a subject , please do not only post a smiley or "ok" , "thx" etc. Try to be constructive or to go straight to the point. Having pages filled with non usefull messages are not funny to read.

15) If you want to post a subject , please have a quick look on the forum before to avoid double threads or repetitions.

16) It's not usefull to answer an OLD message (few months or so) just to say "oh damn , i missed that tv show ect ".
But still , it doesn't mean you can't give your two cents about it!

17) This is probably going to be THE most difficult rule to follow, but when posting, try to STICK TO the subject and avoid getting lost in non related explanations.


If you have any question concerning those rules, you can always contact us! Very Happy

Admin: Katou

Mods :

ma dalton , - MINUS - Kinder Coincoin , - CORTEX - Kinder STITCH


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Some easy rules to read and follow
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