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 major tour spoiler! DONT READ IF U DONT WANNA KNOW!!!! /!\

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PostSubject: major tour spoiler! DONT READ IF U DONT WANNA KNOW!!!! /!   Sat 16 Feb - 17:44

Credit for this goes to Maria at Carter_Factor and Phire

They start with Larger Than Life doing a Boxing Match thing. They sing SMTMOBL doing a gambling thing dunno when cos they couldn't remember the exact order. They dance A LOT. They sing all the classics & some new ones. The solos were split between the show.

Nick does a solo drumming & also sings Blow Your Mind later on. If your on the right of the stage Nick & Howie do there solos that side, AJ works the whole stage & Brian does his on the left. The solos go Howie, AJ, Nick & Brian. Howie did a slow mid/tempo track, Nick rocked out with a medley of 2 songs form Now or Never, AJ did a track from his album & Brian did Welcome Home.

The old tracks they do are all singles & they use Mobile Phones & Brian tells everyone to get their phones out

They end with Everybody the neptunes remix


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major tour spoiler! DONT READ IF U DONT WANNA KNOW!!!! /!\
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