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 sum op of nick s chat

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PostSubject: sum op of nick s chat   sum op of nick s chat EmptyThu 3 Jul - 21:35

Thanks to BSB Fans for doing this!

Nick fanclub video chat sum-up

As many of you know, Nick was in a video chat for the fanclub members on July 1st where he answered many of their questions. Below is a sum-up from me of the questions and highlights of the chat.

*At the beginning of the chat, Nick introduced us to his new puppy, Maxi, who is an Australian cattle dog

*What is the most important thing to you when it comes to being on stage?

sounding good vocally, making the songs sound as close as we can to the record

*Nick makes it clear that he was very sick with strep throat during the MSN Concert show from the O2 Arena

*What would you do if you weren't a singer?

something involving the ocean, probably a scuba-diving instructor

*Why do you wear the shirts fans give you?

great gifts, funny sayings on them, doesn't shop enough

*Who do you credit as your greatest support in your career?

the other guys in the group (Brian, Howie, AJ) for showing them a better way of life since he had a rough childhood

*What do you like to do on your days off from singing?

basketball, sports, writing music, watching football (Bucks and Celtics fan)

*Nick tells everyone that he is currently in the process of recording music for his new solo album

*Do you have regrets from missing out on teenage experiences like going to high school and parties?

there are plenty of parties in his career to take part in, he's just greatful for what he has

*What is your favorite song to perform?

Siberia and I Got You from his first solo record

*Is it hard to remember all of the dance moves?

it gets harder the older you get, but lots of practice helps and it's fun to perform

*What ever happened to Frick and Frack?

still there

*When will you get another Nick's Corner?

more when he gets his own solo website

*Who do you admire the most?

Kevin for his strength (he recently gave Nick the book that his father gave him when he passed away), admires all guys in the group

*Describe yourself in 3 words.

fun, free, spirited

*What is the feel for your next album?

music that the Backstreet fans have loved for many years, pop record

*If you could be a car, what would it be?


*Are personally reading your MySpace messages?

yes, and he's reconstructing his page to a more proffesional, classy page

*Will there be an Unbreakable tour DvD?

he thinks they are currently working on one

*Who did you last see in concert?

CMA Country Festival, Billy Ray Cyrus

*Do you like good girls or bad girls more?

he's gone through his bad girl stage, needs a good girl

*How many dogs do you have now?

one, he had to give his other dog away named Layla because he was in transition from homes

*Who's the next Backstreet Boy to get married?

not him, AJ probably

*What did you do on your last date?

went to a Japanese steakhouse

*Nick sang a little bit of a song he was writing the other day called "Show Me How to Love Again"

*What's the craziest thing you've ever done with a girl?

-he had to skip this question because it could get too extreme and "dirty"-

*What has the music industry taught you about yourself?

taught him how to judge a person's character better

*Who is your favorite artist to see live?


*How long do you want to keep going?

'till he's dead

*Do you like blondes or brunettes?

no preference

*Would you ever consider doing another reality show like "House of Carters"?

probably not

*What's your favorite song to play on the drums?

U2's "Bloody Sunday"

*Boxers or briefs?


*What's the funniest thing that's ever happened live on stage?

when Howie fell off stage

*What is the one TV show that he has to TiVo?

X-Files, paranormal shows

*What is Fast Glass?

based around drug dealers that have to turn their lives around

*What's your favorite place to visit?

Australia, Sweden, Canada, Asia

*How many pairs of Converse do you have?

2 pairs

*Are you hyped for the new Dark Knight: Batman movie?

so stoked


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sum op of nick s chat
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