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 interview nick OK MAGAZINE

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PostSubject: interview nick OK MAGAZINE   interview nick OK MAGAZINE EmptySat 29 Mar - 10:07

thx to craxxxxxy jizzle

Nick Carter Interview OK! magazine UK

Who is your celebrity crush?

I don’t have a crush on anybody. You’ve got to meet people and get to know them because for me it’s all about the right place and the right time. You can’t judge a book by its cover.

Would you ever marry a fan?

I’ve dated fans, friends, celebrities, business associates, everyone - I don’t discriminate. People do what they do and it doesn’t matter to me. I don’t rule out the possibility of dating someone because of what they do or who they are.

Would you do another reality show again like House of Carters?

I can’t say no, but right now, I wouldn’t. I’d want some sort of integrity involved. I did that show because I wanted to expose who I was, that I was caring and cared about my family, but sometimes real can be too real.

What are your thoughts on fatherhood?

It hasn’t crossed my mind. I’m not really thinking about that sort of thing. I’m thinking about myself and I’m not the marrying kind. But if it happens, it happens. I’m not saying I wouldn’t change my mind, but if I did I’d run away and do it in secret so no one would ever know. note from me - ehh thats good to know lol

Do you think your reality show showed the real you?

It showed me beating up my brother!

Do you think it over-exposed your brother Aaron? He’s been in trouble for drug possession since...

The show was real. Whatever happened, happened. At the moment there are members of my family who are really able to prospoer. I had to straighten up and take a look at myself and I realised I had issues. It’s unfortunate it took that but sometimes a reality check is neccessary in order to grow.

Were you shocked by anything you saw?

I was surprised at the way I looked physically and by the way I was treated by some of the family. I was fat and out of shape but I’ve lose 50lb since. I work out and I eat right, it’s as simple as that.

What’s the worst headline you’ve read about yourself?

That I was a woman beater. Certain people believed it, others didn’t. I tried to defend myself but you tend to lose when you’re up against someone who is so fancied in the media world.

Do girls stop you and tell you they love you?

Yes, I guess so. I love it. It’s odd when they’re screaming at you but it’s also flattering. I have business cards printed out that I hand out depending on the scenario. Okay, I’m joking!

You and AJ are the single ones in the band - are you partners in crime when it comes to pulling?

Maybe. We have fun and enjoy ourselves. I’m energetic and youthful and it’s exciting. I’m not ready to settle yet.

The Backstreet Boys have reunited. Would you ever go solo again?

Definitely, but I will always stay with the comfort of my boys because we have a great relationship. We’ll divide out time individually and group-wise.

Would you ever have another high-profile relationship after Paris Hilton?

It really depends but I’ve grown up since then. It would have to be with a person who was really grounded and mature and was over that whole playing-around stage. She’d have to be a nice person who could give my mind a whirl. They’d have to have a spark that intrigued me intellectually.

Are you helping Aaron on the road to recovery?

I’m doing my best with him. Aaron had issues way before the show. Some people are able to look at themselves and do the right thing, but that isn’t the case for Aaron. I don’t believe it was bad for him. I think he saw himself and thought he could make a difference if he wanted to, but if he’s ignored it that’s another thing.


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PostSubject: Re: interview nick OK MAGAZINE   interview nick OK MAGAZINE EmptySat 29 Mar - 12:26

Thanks NAd lol alaways fun to read what Nick have to say!
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PostSubject: Re: interview nick OK MAGAZINE   interview nick OK MAGAZINE EmptySat 29 Mar - 18:45


(here I can say what I want)

It's funny how life can take new meaning ...interview nick OK MAGAZINE DSCN2481
[size=12] [/size]
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PostSubject: Re: interview nick OK MAGAZINE   interview nick OK MAGAZINE Empty

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interview nick OK MAGAZINE
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