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 leighanne Q/A

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PostSubject: leighanne Q/A   leighanne Q/A EmptyTue 15 Jan - 0:53

September 20, 2007

1. What’s the best part about being married to someone famous? What’s the worst part of it?
The best part about being married to someone famous is that we get to meet people (like you all) and go places that we never would. We've experienced some amazing places over the years!
The worst part is your privacy gets compromised.

(The most popular question!)
2. Are you and Brian planning on having more kids?
As far as having any more children, I don't think so. We are so happy with Baylee and I feel I am a great mother to him I don't know if personally I could handle another with our schedules.

3. How are you a good wife? How are you a good mother?
You would have to ask my Husband how I am a good wife. As far as how I am a good mother, I guess you could say, I put my family first, and love and listen. Life teaches you if you are paying attention.
(By the way my husband just said that he made out like a bandit! He says that I am wonderful in every aspect......thanks husband)

4. How do you keep romance in your marriage?
Keeping romance in your marriage especially after you have a child is an effort, but it can be done. Making time for each other is crucial. I always hide a note or something personal of mine in husband's luggage when he is packing for tour as a nice little surprise for him while he is away from home.

5. There were different due dates for Baylee. Was he born early?
Baylee's due date was just changed once. I had a few problems with fluid and my doctor didn't want anything dangerous to happen so she took him a week early. We brought him home on Thanksgiving Day!

6. How much did your wedding cost?
I won't tell you how much we spent, but I will tell you we watched every penny we spent and got ALOT for our money! We LOVED our wedding! Especially the cake!

7. What are you doing for Baylee’s next birthday?
Speaking of weddings, Baylee wants to have a wedding reception for his Birthday party! He had so much fun at his Uncle Harold's reception he wants to do it again!

8. If you could spend the day with Jesus what would you talk about or want to know?
If I could spend the day with Jesus I would ask him what his favorite memory with his mother. Did he have a best friend growing up. Did he go through the terrible twos!

9. What are some of your favorite bible verses?
I was in church on Sunday and this verse struck me strongly Hebrews 11:6 And without faith it is impossible to please God, because anyone who comes to him just believe that he exists and that he rewards those who earnestly seek him. Man, that is officially one of my favorite bible verses!

10. Do you think there’s too much emphasis in the media on being thin, pretty and popular?Absolutely! I also think there should be more emphasis on taking care of your body and to find a happy place with your mind and body!

11. What do you think about the war in Iraq?
I do not support the war, but I support our troops! I can't wait for them to come home!

12. Were you popular in school?
I guess so. You know high school is like Hollywood sometimes your popular and sometimes your not!

13. Do you like going to red carpet events? What do you like best about going to them?
To tell you the truth, red carpets aren't always what they seem. You get pushed a lot, yelled at a lot and sometimes even stepped on. The photographers yell and if they don't know who you are they ask you to get out of the picture. Pretty Glamorous huh?

14. What did your family think when they first heard you were going out with a Backstreet Boy?
Well, the Backstreet Boys didn't have a single out in the US when we met so it wasn't a real shocker to anyone because no one new who they were including me. My mom was concerned because he was younger than me and she thought he was going to break my heart.

15. You have a having a dinner party and you can invite 5 guests, past/present who would you invite and why? – Pixie Bells
I would love to have a dinner party with Dean Martin, Elvis Presly, Marilyn Monroe, Jimmy Stewart, and Betty Davis. Can you image the stories of old Hollywood? Plus you wouldn't need to hire any entertainment! LOL

16. Hey Leighanne! It was great seeing you in Estes Park, my question for you is I've known that you used to act some and did some modeling do you plan to keep doing something in that field or do you plan to stay with Baylee? I think Baylee would love to have a sister, don't you think?
You're awesome, don't forget that! Always, Shannon A.K.A. *Hollywood*
Thank you Shannon, No sister for Baylee. I did get him a girl dog so that is better than nothing! I hope to be doing something in the entertainment field in the future! (and being with Baylee)

17. Hi Leighanne, my name is Jennifer. I'm an aspiring actress and screenwriter. I would love for you to give me advice about the biz and I wish you can read my stuff. I will be my honor. I love you so much, you are honestly my hero because after all the meaness and stuff said to you and about you, you have stayed elegant. You're a true lady and Brian (my favorite Backstreet Boy since 1996 when I was in second grade) is lucky to have you.

Stay true to yourself, don't give in to negativity or doubt!

Baylee is gorgeous which leads me to my question, would Brian and you ever consider having Baylee do commercials and movies, your son is charismatic and photogenic and alot of girls in youtube who watch the videos of your son with Brian agree he needs to be in front of camera. He needs a spotlight. Does he like to do that sort of thing?
Baylee has expressed an interest in acting, if he wants we will let him pursue it, but only if he wants to.

Baylee is quickly approaching the age for school. Will he go to school this new school year or does he have to wait like so many stupid schools who doesn't accept children who were past september (that happened to me- I was born in November too) . How is it going to work because Brian travels alot and you three wouldn't want to be apart from each other so long. You guys are so close. Will he go to private school or go to that type of school you mentioned once (don't know how to spell it and all I'm getting is monastery and that certainly is not it). By the way Baylee is just the most cutest kid ever- he looks like the charmer any funny stories you have about that- please share the fans if you can.
We will be homeschooling Baylee for at least a year. My sister Tracy is a substitue teacher and she will be teaching him a few days a week as well.

What sports will you guys put Baylee in?
I know you two love sports. As far as sports, yesterday he was hitting golf balls in our yard, so maybe golf. He is a singer and actor for sure I must say!

18. I'm a big brazilian BSB fan and I really love Leighanne!! Leigh, I listened that you have already visited some tropical places. Have you ever visited Brasil? If not...Would you like to visit us?! Have you ever listened something about my country?! We'll be so happy if you visit us!!
Nathy I have not been to Brazil, I hope to go on this next tour. I hear it is Beautiful! Maybe we will see you there!

19. Hello, I'm Wendy from The Netherlands and I have a few questions for Leighanne:
You told recently that you finally found music for one of your songs when are you gonna release them?
This question kind of answers #22 as well. I am having someone put music to my lyrics as we speak! I do write melodies as well, I just can't play any instruments. I am very excited. I am not sure if you guys will hear it though because I am writing Country music now and not everyone likes Country music!

What did Brian & Baylee gave you for your birthday and wedding anniversary and did Brian further do something romantic on those 2 special days?
Brian gave me a weekend in Naples, FL with my mother and two sisters for my birthday.
For our anniversary, we drank champagne and ate cake! (the same person who made our wedding cake made us a miniature one)!

How did you experience the pregnancy and labour from Baylee and how did Brian supported you with it all, and how long did labour last?
Brian was amazing during my pregnancy, he never missed an appointment to the doctor. We had our labor and delivery nurse give us private lessons and he was amazing through the whole birthing process. It was an amazing experience.

20. What do you like about being on tour with Brian?
I like being on tour with Husband because we get to be together as a family. Not a lot of families get to do what we do and we are thankful for it. We now get to see everything through Baylee's eyes.

21. I think you are pretty, and you were really pretty at the Never Gone tour with your really long hair. Will you grow it long again?
Oh girl, those were extensions! I LOVE long hair! I happen to get a really bad hair cut right before that so I got extensions! I wish my hair would grow that long and be that full! Unfortunately they are pretty bad for your hair.

22. Leighanne, I heard you wrote lyrics for songs. Is it true?
If yes, do you think we will be lucky enough to discover them one day? And by which artists you'd love your lyrics be singin?
I answered with #19

23. Do you think about making another movie? I'd like to see you again on my screen! If yes, which kind of role you'd love to play?
Not sure on that one. If I did another movie I would like to play someone that is completely the opposite of me!

24. Do you think about creating your official MySpace? I'd love to see you there!!
Yes, I am thinking of doing this in the near future! I have so little time and no help right now but soon as possible yes.

25. Which is the last movie you saw at the cinema? Did you like it?
Ratatouille (I totally spelled that wrong) anyway it was cute, but a little to graphic for kids with the guns and some of the language. Baylee was like mommy they said a bad word! ( I think it was something like stupid or idiot) We try to stay real positive in our house hold and watch our P's and Q's.

26. What’s your favorite song of the moment?
An old song from Bonnie Raitt, I Can't Make You Love Me

27. When you was a lil girlie what was your dream job?
Being an actress

28. Could you define your life with only 3 words?

29. Do you think BriLeigh Production will reopen its doors someday?

30. What's your favorite songs on Brian's CD "Welcome Home"?
My Answer Is You, Gone Without Goodbye, Welcome Home, oh and I love Angels and Heroes

31. Can you describe us the lil man Baylee is now?Baylee is one of the most amazing, sensitive, creative people I know. He is super intuitive and smart, boy is he smart. We are extremely proud of him. He loves people!

32. What's the nicest present you got from one of your fans?Oh gosh you guys have given me so much! I can't pick one thing, I love the photo albums/scrap books and the letters. I love the thoughtfulness of you all. Our lives are so fast we don't have time to do those things ourselves. I have gotten everything from socks to jewelry to stationary,....I could go on. But I appreciate everything! Thanks to everyone, I don't get to say it enough!

33. Will you and Baylee be going on the next tour with Brian?
Yes, we will go on tour as much as possible. I have a bag line coming out real soon so I have been working really hard on getting that up and running. But writing I can do on the road!

34. What is your favorite song on the "Unbreakable" cd?
I love Everything But Mine, Unmistakable, Love Will Keep You Up All Night (I couldn't just pick one)

35. This is not a question. Just wanna let you know I really love you. Meeting you was just fantastic (even if it was too short for me! lol)...I really hope I will have this opportunity once again! God bless you and your family! Much love, Audrey
Thank you Audrey! It was wonderful meeting you as well!

Thank you all so much and God Bless

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leighanne Q/A
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